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Greetings Ram Fans!
Your team photo orders are ready for downloading! If you didn't place an order on Photo Day, or wish to order additional prints or products, you may now do so directly from the website. Note: Action Memory Mate orders can't be fulfilled until we have some action images to work with, so those will be made available toward the end of the season.

For digital packages ordered on Photo Day, simply locate your player's image(s), including the team photo(s) you desire, and choose the $0.00 Original Full Resolution JPEG (on the left under "Featured Products"). Add each image you desire to your shopping cart and then simply checkout. No payment will be required unless you choose another print or product option (prices are greatly discounted for those who ordered a package on photo day). An email address is required in order to send you the download link for your specific jpeg downloads. See the bright green arrows on Landon's screenshot.

For new orders (see Bobo's screenshot), you may choose any options you want, but the $20 Digital JPEG Package is what was ordered most on photo day. Just add the images and print/product/jpeg options to your shopping cart. Prints and products will be shipped to your door (shipping charges apply). Digital orders will receive an email with the download link after checkout (so please be sure to use your correct email address). Credit cards and PayPal are accepted online.

I recommend (a subsidiary of Miller's Professional Lab) for online print ordering.
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